my work


Writer and editor

I began my career as a writer and editor, after studying politics at Western University in London, Ont., and journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto. I wrote a semi-regular cooking column for the Spectator-Tribune, travel stories for the National Post, and also covered news, business and technology. I'm a skilled copy editor with a keen eye for style and substance. So keen, in fact, I ran the National Post copy editing department, and I teach copy editing at Centennial College! I've edited news stories, manuscripts and even PhD dissertations. I'm available for freelance writing and editing work.
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Designer and art director

My background is primarily in editorial design, but I've also done branding, logos, infographics, covers etc. I love thinking of new and creative ways to visually tell a story. I worked as a digital manager for one of Canada's largest news organizations, which meant I spent a lot of time storyboarding ideas, as well as overseeing photoshoots, video edits, digital layouts and obsessing over the colour of flow charts!